Can I Prevent Acne? (for Teens)
Can I Prevent Acne? (for Teens)

What do acne-prone areas say?

According to traditional medicine, the skin tone of each area of ​​the face will reflect the activity of different parts of the body.

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Acne-Prone Skin: Dry vs. Oily, Skin Care Routine, Diet

From a scientific point of view, the face is the door to open the hidden health problems inside your body. To effectively improve acne, we need to consider the combined effect of both internal and external causes.

It is possible to rely on the location of acne on the face to determine what health problems you are experiencing.

Forehead acne

The forehead area is considered a space that reflects your body being “overloaded” with toxins such as absorbing too much red meat, saturated fat, or alcohol…

In addition, the use of hair care and styling products. When combined with body sweat when exercising can also be the cause of forehead acne. 

Treatment: to overcome this situation, you should eat many fresh fruits and vegetables and drink herbal teas and filtered water to help eliminate toxins and clear body heat. You should also cut back on red meat intake and limit alcohol intake at this time.

In addition, keeping your hair clean and not using styling products on the forehead will also help prevent acne from getting worse.

Cheek acne

Rashes and bumps on the cheeks can signify that you have contact dermatitis or a mild skin allergy caused by skincare products, makeup, perfume, or even contact lenses round.

If in these areas of the skin appear nodules such as acne spots accompanied by red spots on the skin, you may have rosacea, especially sensitive, easily irritated, ciliated skin. Dilated vessels under the skin…

If the acne spots appear scaly, you may have dermatitis or seborrheic dermatitis. At this point, you should see a dermatologist for the most appropriate treatment advice.

Treatment: To avoid aggravating the skin condition, especially for redness, it is best to limit your exposure to cosmetics, the sun, and cold climates. It would be best if you also cut down on spicy foods or dairy products. In addition, you can use lotions to prevent skin irritation before applying makeup products.

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Acne around the mouth area

Acne around the mouth and chin is most likely a sign of polycystic ovary syndrome. It is accompanied by additional symptoms such as difficulty conceiving, irregular periods, excessive body hair, hair loss, weight gain. …

If the thick pimples around the mouth make the skin look red, lumpy, and have a burning sensation on the skin, you may have dermatitis around the mouth.

The cause can be due to the effects of moisturizing cosmetics, makeup, sunscreen, or steroid creams. If acne appears accompanied by cracked skin lines, it may be because the body is deficient in vitamin C, iron …

Treatment measures: at this time, you should limit the use of cosmetics for a while to check skin reactions. You should also not use anti-aging creams containing Retin-A at this time because they can aggravate skin inflammation. You should also adjust your daily diet to add natural vitamins and minerals to your body.

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Acne in the jawbone area

Acne appearing in the jawbone area can be due to nervous tension affecting the adrenal glands or simply because you lean your chin a lot on… your cell phone rarely cleans. In addition, if the pimples in this area persist, they can also be a sign of dental problems.

Measures to handle: it is best to keep your mind comfortable and keep things clean that come into contact with this skin area, such as cell phones, helmet straps… In the long run, you should also schedule a dental check-up.

Chin acne

Pimples that appear on the chin are often due to hormonal problems. In addition, they may be due to the habit of touching the skin of your chin with unclean hands.

The remedy is that you should regularly keep your hands clean, limit touching your face when using hand care products, nail polish … to avoid causing allergies. If acne appears to be caused by hormones, at this point, only endocrinologists can help you.

Nose acne

Acne on the nose can be a warning that you are experiencing cardiovascular problems such as high blood pressure, often stress … In addition, issues with the reproductive system (ovaries) cause acne to appear in the nose area.

Treatment: you need to avoid foods that increase blood fat, replace them with a healthy diet, lower cholesterol and maintain normal blood pressure. At the same time, regularly use herbal tea to cool down the body.

Acne grows above eyebrows.

According to traditional medicine, acne in the area above the eyebrows means that you are experiencing neurological problems. In which, much of it comes from anxiety, long-term thinking, and depression.

Remedy: relax your body, relax, sleep well and spend time with your loved ones to regain your spirit. Do not forget to pay attention to the diet that strengthens the body’s resistance.

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