In this time and age, it’s easy for people to say that bracelets are for chicks. However, if we go a little back in time, we will see that warriors and kings from diverse cultures adorned their wrists with armbands. There could be multiple reasons for wearing them including, to ward off evil spirits.

Affluent tribesmen displayed their power and status by wearing bracelets. With time bracelets evolved from good luck charm to a contemporary style accessory for men.

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In the old days, men and women wore jewellery as a part of their traditions and norms. Ornaments often viewed as the feminine nook. In ancient periods, masculine ownership of jewels was about much more than just beautifying the body; it attributed to magnificence, pedigree, and opulence, as well as nourishment of social bonds and personal relations.

Contemporary times

Even in this time and age, jewelry and accessories can add a lot of personality in environments where strict dress codes and traditions apply. When we see a guy at any workplace or in an office environment who add elusive accessories to his work attire, it gives us an insight into his out of work personality. In many cases, accessories could be rings, watches, bracelets, cufflinks, etc.

Not overdoing it

There is a thin line between class and crass when it comes to men’s accessories.

Thick accessories are it necklaces, bracelets, wristbands, etc., is a real turn off. Wearing whatever jewellery one owns all in one go, doesn’t sound like the right thing. Coco Channel said a great thing which all men and women need to keep in mind:

“Always take one thing off before you leave the house.”

However, different cultures associate different things with the presentation of jewellery in one way or the other, and one size doesn’t fit all.

Reasons to wear a gold bracelet

There are a lot of materials and tones to choose from when it comes to men’s accessories. It’s thought that choosing crystals alongside metals will co-existing activate the divine masculine energy. Crystals such as hematite and black onyx will enable the male energy in the air around.

Depending on the dress being casual or formal, pure gold or bronze chains linked as signature bracelet shall stand out. Men wearing elegant bracelets depict not only great taste but also personality, strength, and reliability too. Following are few of the many reasons to wear a bracelet.

Conversation starter:

Accessories are visual signals and hints towards your personality. Eye-catching accessories always hold the attention of the onlooker.

A sleek gold bracelet or one with chunky beads draw the attention of strangers and make them imagine a quirky story associated with the purchase.

In a world where everyone seems to look the same, following the same fashion trends going for the mainstream designs, donning an exquisite accessory sets one apart and tend to make one appear attractive.

Adds that oomph factor:

When a conversation starts with the jewellery piece that one is wearing, it makes one more appealing and attractive in the eyes of one’s company. One feels aesthetically superior and can share one’s interest in arts and artifacts.

Distinguishing a feature that enhances the look:

It is a standard feature in all human beings that they want to appear distinguished and different from others continuing to wear a gold bracelet, or a gold wristband can add that distinguishing feature in one’s personality that is hard to ignore and forget.

When one finds oneself in the company of the same people again they instantly recognize one because of that different trait and one doesn’t have to introduce oneself again.

Instant Association

So often it happened that wearing of bracelets and wrist jewellery been made with the association of opulence and status. This instant connection is what identifies your stature in society. In numerous eastern countries, adorning a bracelet signifies that your wealth and affluence. These divisions of class are to a significant degree not present in West but in rest of the world wearing bracelets are an instant qualifier in society.


Jewellery can be worn as a memory as well. A gold bracelet could be a reminder of a wonderful experience that one once had in life. Usually, the reminder jewellery holds close to heart and is an anchor to all the memories that are important to you. It could be a wonderful birthday gift from parents, an anniversary gift from the spouse or a holiday reminder one had with friends.

Association with faith

Bracelets can have particular religious meanings based on cultural and religious traditions. In some societies, a bracelet or wearing some wrist jewellery is the requirement of faith.

In India, Sikh men wear a copper bracelet from childhood to exhibit a commitment to their faith. In Bulgaria, the onset of spring celebrated by tying a white and red string around the wrist which is a part of their centuries old tradition.

Thus in numerous places, bracelets are part and parcel of their culture and in others just an everyday dress code.

Enjoy wearing the bracelets

The first reason of wearing bracelets in today’s day and age could be that you enjoy wearing them.

This one fashion accessory is a sure shot way to add quirkiness to one’s outfit. They can either dress up an outfit or dress down. A sleek gold bracelet with no clamps and extra bling can wear in corporate environments. The same bracelet can b paired with a casual laid back day with friends and family.

Love and affection

Bracelets are a favourite item of jewellery besides rings. The wristbands that envelop a man’s wrist can add the defining factor in his personality. These doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive and by a well-known designer brand.

A straightforward and sleek wristband be it inexpensive, is as much unique, classy and sassy as a statement piece from a well-recognized brand. Bracelets are symbolic representatives of love and affection as well. Gifts by a loved one hold a special place in one’s heart and one’s jewellery collection.

Factors to keep in mind while wearing bracelets

These are a few general notions that must be kept in mind while dressing in a bracelet. A gold bracelet in itself is a statement piece. Just so that it attracts proper attention following things must be noticed.

Choosing a wrist to wear the statement piece

No rule book demonstrates the etiquettes of wearing a wristband, but it should bring in one’s dominant hand’s wrist. It can either worn with one’s watch or if one doesn’t want to wait to be scratched can be brought in the different wrist as well. I all depend on the wearer that how he is comfortable.

Aspire for balance if wearing multiples

Gold has shades as well. It comes in both lighter and brighter tones. Counterbalancing the dark colored outfits with lighter tones of gold with enhancing both the outfit and the bracelet. If one desires to bunch up multiple bracelets then wearing the same toned chains is preferred. A leather bracelet with a gold metallic cuff is an excellent way to accentuate a casual outfit.

Matching is so 1900s

Matching your bracelet with your watch is not a smart way to go. You want every piece to stand out hence each piece of ornament you are wearing must have an aura of their own. While pairing up a bracelet with an outfit, it must keep in mind that neither watch nor bracelet overpower one another.

You want to make a fashion statement, not a fashion disaster. A more defined dial on a watch looks great paired with a toned down accessory in the opposite wrist.

Jewellery must befit the occasion

Wearing a bunch of gold chains in both wrists paired with casual jeans and sports jackets is a great way to dress for a friend’s day out or visiting an art exhibition.

However, you might want to tone it down a bit if you are heading for a corporate meeting with just one subtle statement wristwear which will add to the confidence and personality. One must keep in mind that there is a fine line between making a fashion statement and a fashion disaster.

Always shop your style

While shopping for men’s jewellery, it must achieve the ultimate goal to buy one’s style. Just because an individual trend is rocking the fashion magazines or fashion icons wearing a particular piece of jewellery; just don’t go for it because it’s in vogue. It’s better to stick to traditional materials such as silver or gold because they have always been and will always be in fashion.

Other types of materials that could pair with gold are titanium, stainless steel and platinum. These precious metals never go out of style and can be paired with multiple outfits on numerous occasions.

Sensible pairing

Fashion is a tricky business. One move can be either spice up the style game or destroy it.

It is of utmost importance to pair the jewellery pieces sensibly and with precision as to which piece goes with which outfit and in what manner. Bracelets are that one type of jewellery that looks especially sexy on a man, especially those with black leather cords and metal clasps.

How to pair them up

Every year the trend of men’s jewellery shifts from one statement piece to another and this year its bracelets.

On red carpet events, it’s a frequent sight to see a hairy forearm dangling a shiny piece of metal or flaunting a statement ring here and there. Men’s jewellery is making its way into the fashion industry, though slowly but steadily. This attitude that ornaments are just women’s niche is changing rapidly.

The same designers that introduced women’s jewellery line are launching men’s jewellery line alongside. It’s a pleasant sight to have.

There are a lot of ways people can pair up their bracelets with their attire to make a statement and at the same time maintaining their masculinity (pun intended!). We made the list of ways men can pair up their jewellery.

Go sleek

No matter which metal used, be it gold, silver, or palladium; being sleek is the way to go. French not only are master perfumers but fine jewellers as well.

If you’re going for metal ornaments, they should be contemporary and streamlined, not bulky and archaic, and nobody is making sleeker metal bangles than French jeweller Le Gramme. In men’s jewellery line less is more, hence, the sleeker, the better.

Mixing things up

Wearing all gold or all silver is no matter a classic way to wear it but mixing textures and patterns is so 2017. Adding a bit of silver to gold bracelets or adding diamonds, zircons, and other precious stones is another way to add that extra flash.

Either add a bunch of multiple chains gold bracelets or pair a single gold bracelet with multiple silver or copper ones to one piece; it honestly depends on the personality and choice of the wearer.

Break the confines

A great piece of jewellery is a great piece of jewellery no matter in which aisle you find it. Men’s perfume, men’s clothing, men’s jewellery, these are just marketing tactics played on consumers. Even if sold in the women’s section, a statement piece of art jewellery can be worn by both genders.

A gold bracelet doesn’t have to be solely gold; it can be leather with a gold clasp attached to it. Even if in 2017 we cannot break away the shackles of gender categorization then we would never be able to do it.

Watch is your saviour

A beautiful watch with a unique metal wristband can never go wrong. It will always be categorized as classy and will never be outdated. Gold bracelets and a wrist watch with a prominent dial are too elegant and distinguished; not everybody can carry this combination to perfection.

Many men prefer to wear their watches face-in, which saves the hassle of scuffing when moved around and also makes for an elegant, less pompous motion when checking the time. One odd thing about being less pompous is that it grabs the most attention.

More contained, more attention

The more contained and subdued fashion accessories will be, the higher the scale of care shall be.

If wearing a shiny gold bracelet, avoid wearing prominent cufflinks or lapel pin. It fails to draw attention anywhere and leaves no room for elegance or snazzy-ness.

If wearing a necktie then give up metal cufflinks for silk knots that match the tie color. Mixing and matching accessories with the outfit is the sure short way to stand out and make a statement.

Classy, not ostentatious

Jewellery is meant to accentuate an outfit, not make one look like a show-off. Trying too hard is a turn off in this department and keeping things subdued is the key. An elegant gold chain around the neck, a sleek band in one finger and a classy bracelet around the waist can punch up the game. It’s fairly standard for men to wear a band or a stone studded ring but a bracelet around the wrist with chains can add those extra points in one’s personality.

Less is more

This jewellery race is more like leather pants. It is not everyone is good to pull off the look without appearing like a person who himself doesn’t know what he is doing.

Being extremely selective is the key. If you are not comfortable in bunching up a lot of pieces, then wear only those items that speak to you one a personal level and have a strong meaning for you. Just because somebody on red carpet pulled a look quite well, doesn’t mean you will be able to justify the same look for your corporate event. Be mindful of what you are giving out in the universe.

Authenticity is the key

Personal style always speaks volumes. It doesn’t necessarily have to align with the fashion industry and the trends in vogue; it just has to suit you and be in line with your personality. If decking yourself up with chains, bracelets and jewels are your styles then be it.

Wear it with confidence but if wearing more than one statement piece makes you uncomfortable don’t go beyond that.

Stop then and there because if you are not comfortable with your skin, then there’s no way that you are going to make a fashion statement.


A bracelet enhances your individual style. Use it to accessorise your outfits – dressing up or down depending on the occasion.

If you have never tried them before, metal or leather bracelets will set you apart as a cultured man who is not afraid to experiment with his personal style. Moreover, a gold chain bracelet or a stylish wraparound is also a great way to add that punch. The key though is to be comfortable in whatever you wear.

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