Healthy Eating Habits for Truck Drivers
Healthy Eating Habits for Truck Drivers

Making Healthy Choices for a Successful Career

Eating healthy as a truck driver is not always easy. When most of your meals are at restaurants, finding healthy choices that you want to eat may seem impossible.

Good eating habits are essential to truck drivers. The dangers of extra weight include heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension.

Extra weight can also lead to sleep apnea and fatigue, damagingr your trucking career.

If you focus on the right things, you can make healthy choices without feeling like you are depriving yourself of the foods you love. A happier and healthier you can lead to a longer, more productive, and more enjoyable trucking career.

Make one Small Change at a Time.

A common mistake people trying to eat healthy make is changing their entire diet all at once. That only leads to frustration and going back to eating unhealthy foods again. Start small and change one thing at a time.

Eat a salad with your lunch and dinner instead of fries. Or, order your protein grilled instead of fried.

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Snack Between Meals

If you only eat three meals a day and don’t eat healthy snacks in between, you are more likely to overeat. Skip the potato chips, candy, and other sugary snacks.

Instead, keep fresh fruit, protein bars, cashews, almonds, string cheese, beef jerky, and other healthy snacks on the road and eat throughout the day.

Drink Water

Stay away from sodas full of sugar – or worse yet, diet sodas full of artificial sugars!

Those only make you crave more sweets. Keep a water bottle with you and drink water throughout the day. If plain water is difficult for you to drink, try adding lemon or other fruits to the water to give it some more flavor.

Your trucking career does not have to lead to obesity and other health problems. Making small changes and doing everything in moderation makes it easier to eat healthy so you can continue on the road for years to come!

The proper training makes all the difference in your career success.

Let US Truck help get you on the road! A solid foundation to build your career on ensures you’ll have a long and successful trucking career. 

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