Healthy food: choosing a healthy meal
Healthy food: choosing a healthy meal

Healthy eating starts with choosing healthy food. But what is a healthy meal, and what falls under unhealthy food? That is a good question.

We are happy to help you choose a healthy meal!

What is healthy eating?

A healthy meal is the fuel for your body and ensures that you can function properly.

For example, your body needs proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, fiber, and moisture. Healthy eating is not only important for your physical health but also your mental health!

Why is a healthy meal important?

Healthy eating is important for your health. A healthy diet reduces the risk of disorders or diseases, such as diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease.

This means that you will age healthier thanks to a healthy diet! Moreover, you feel fitter and more energetic when you have a healthy diet simply because you give your body what it needs!

What does a healthy meal consist of?

One says you should eat six times a day; the other says three times a day. While your boyfriend or girlfriend may swear by a low-carbohydrate diet, your neighbor or wife may avoid fats as much as possible. It is simple to get a healthy diet.

You need to know what is a good choice and what is a less suitable choice. 

Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are healthy! By eating two pieces of fruit and 250 grams of vegetables a day, you are already on the right track. Try to alternate in fruits and vegetables. Every piece of fruit and vegetables has certain nutrients.

By rotating in fruits and vegetables, you get different – and essential – vitamins.

Whole-wheat products

Whole wheat bread, whole-wheat pasta, or brown rice; are examples of healthy food and fit within a healthy diet. These products contain a lot of fiber and vitamins but are also rich in carbohydrates. 

Lean and unprocessed meat

Do you fancy a nice piece of meat? Then do not opt ​​for bacon but unprocessed (lean) meat as a healthy meal. Think of ground beef, chicken breast, or turkey breast.

These are conscious choices that fit well within a healthy diet because these products contain many proteins, vitamins, and minerals.

Vette vis

Eating oily fish once a week fits perfectly within a healthy diet! Oily fish contains oils and fish fatty acids that your body needs.

Eating oily fish every week reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Oily fish species include herring, mackerel, and sardines.

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Eat legumes every week, such as kidney beans, soybeans, lentils, or chickpeas. Legumes contain protein, a lot of dietary fiber, iron, and other useful nutrients.

In addition, legumes are good for your blood vessels and therefore contribute to good health!

Unsaturated fat

It is important to choose products that contain unsaturated fat. Unsaturated fats are good for you and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Good choices include soft margarine, vegetable oils, and liquid baking and roasting products.

unsalted nuts

One handful of unsalted nuts a day fits well within a healthy lifestyle and when you want to get a healthy diet. Nuts are high in fiber, iron, unsaturated fat, and protein.

This is how you keep your blood vessels healthy! For example, opt for a handful of walnuts, almonds, or peanuts. Make sure you choose unsalted nuts. You already get enough salt, thanks to other foods. 


A glass of milk, a slice of cheese, or a bowl of yogurt; dairy is a conscious choice and fits perfectly within a healthy diet. Dairy contains protein, calcium, and vitamins.

By eating or drinking a dairy product daily, you reduce the risk of colon cancer and ensure strong bones. Preferably choose semi-skimmed or skimmed dairy because it contains less saturated fats than full-fat dairy.

Drinks without sugar

Your body needs at least 1.5 liters of fluid per day. It is therefore important that you drink enough in a day! Water is always a good choice, but you may like a cup of tea or coffee.

Although coffee and tea fit well in a healthy diet, you can make this drink unhealthy by adding sugar. So, try drinking your hot drink without sugar. It might take some getting used to, but definitely better for your health! 

What is unhealthy food?

Within a healthy diet, you want to eat as little unhealthy food as possible. Which products do not belong to a healthy meal and why? 

White wheat products

Eat few products made from white wheat, such as white bread, white rice, and white pasta. Can you no longer eat bread, pasta, or rice? Of course, it is!

Preferably choose whole-grain varieties because whole-grain wheat products are more beneficial for your health.

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Saturated fat and trans fat

If there’s one thing that doesn’t make your body happy, it’s trans-fat or saturated fat. These can be found, for example, in processed meat, such as sausage and cold cuts.

Also, snacks, cookies, candies, cakes, cakes, and ready-to-eat products containing these fats. Saturated fat increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, and these fats do not fit into a healthy diet.

Try to avoid these fats as much as possible and preferably choose products with more unsaturated fat.

Too much salt

Salt is included in all foods. The amount of salt you need in a day, therefore, you automatically get through your diet. Adding extra salt to your food is unnecessary, and too much salt is not good for your health.

So, choose other flavor enhancers, such as (fresh) herbs and spices, such as chives, parsley, coriander, pepper, onion, or garlic.

Drinks with sugar

Drinks with a lot of sugar, such as soft drinks and fruit juices, are not good for your health. Of course, a glass of soft drink or juice from time to time can’t hurt, but try to replace these drinks as much as possible for drinks without sugar.

Not only do soft drinks or fruit juices contain a lot of sugar, but alcohol also contains a lot of sugar. In addition, alcohol is not good for your health, so drink it in moderation. 

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