Make a point always to think positive thoughts.  Be energized and believe that you can.  Your thoughts produce results in your life.  The more you think positive, the more likely you will see encouraging results in your life.

Negative thoughts have a way of affecting your life that is far from inspiring.  Do not sit back, grumpy, judgmental, self-critical and pitying others and expect to reap a good happy life from those kinds of thoughts. What you think about will come to you.

You become what you believe

Reinforcement forms negative thought patterns.  If you decide that you are a failure, every time you do not reach your desired goal you will affirm that idea.  Your thoughts will be, ‘I just knew I couldn’t do it.  I never get it right.’  As you continually think of such thoughts, your mind begins to produce the given results.  Failure becomes your experience in life.

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You better know that your whole being is influenced by the thoughts you think.  If you do not want to achieve it, do not believe it.  By the time you are at age 40, your life is likely to be a reflection of the thoughts you have been thinking.

The point here is that thoughts have consequences.  Don’t look around you and decide to go with the majority who seem so sold out to negativity.  Do you hear them at the mall?  Strike a conversation with a stranger in such a place, and the discussion is likely to tip in the direction of negative.  ‘The way the economy is, it’s a wonder we can afford supplies.’  Then, this person is likely to go on and on about how bad everything is.

Thoughts have consequences

When you have such experiences where negative talk seems to be so on point, you are likely to conclude that being a realist and saying it as it is, is a healthier way to live.  But it is not.  Do you know good old Aunt Caroline who ‘knew’ she would get arthritis and went right ahead and got it?  Well, she meditated on it, reinforcing it in her thoughts as a very likely eventuality because so and so of her relatives had it, and she went right ahead and got it.

Here are some consequences of negative thinking.

  • Negativity can make you sick. Most negative thinkers often think ill of their health.  They also reap the result of negative emotions such as anger, frustration, impatience, bitterness and others, all of which make a person unwell.
  • Your relationships will be bad. Always being negative will dampen the moods of others who happen to be around you.  When you air your pessimism, it will result in making others unhappy.  No one likes to be around a person who is always grumpy and complaining.
  • You will suffer financially. Finances being another critical area of a person’s life, your negative thinking habits will touch even your thoughts on finances, which will lead you to financial trouble.
  • Negative thinking will ruin you emotionally, and you will be a stressed-out grumpy person who is not a delight to be around.
  • Negative thinking saps your energy, mentally, emotionally and physically.
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