New Makeup Trends 2022
New Makeup Trends 2022

Yes, we aren’t there yet. We are presenting this article in mid-2021. However, I believe it’s safe enough to say that everyone is ready for a fresh start.

This article will cover the top New Makeup trends we think we’ll see by 2022 so that you can keep up with the times.

Masks are being taken off, which means that makeup will go back ON the bottom halves of our faces. We all know it’s never going to happen, but you are an actual queen if you do that because nothing is more beautiful than a natural and honest face. 

There is nothing wrong with wearing makeup to enhance the beauty of your skin and hide your imperfections. However, a beautiful and radiant face can give you more confidence and strength to be noticed in all situations and bring joy to yourself.

So without further delay, let’s begin our countdown and find out which new makeup trends will be adopted in 2022. And as a bonus, we also guide you on how you can apply that trend of makeup without humanity any efforts.

New Makeup Trends 2022 | Countdown

No Makeup, Makeup look

The “no makeup, no makeup” look is the one where men think you don’t have any makeup. We don’t care what their opinions are, but it’s sound interesting. This muted look can be paired with a bold fashion statement, like an oversized, colorful sweater. You’re free to attempt this new makeup trend.

The “no makeup” trend is a return to the basics for those who prefer fewer products or don’t want as much coverage. This trend goes directly against the typical Instagram beauty looks we see many —bold brows, full-coverage foundation, and winged liner, you know what I’m talking about. 

The no-makeup look focuses more on application steps than several products use; it’s a bare minimum, emphasizing natural features rather than heavy contouring techniques.

How To Apply No Makeup Look

  • For the very first, you have to use a good BB cream and serum. Apply it on clean, warm fingers onto the face and neck for an even application. 
  • Use a damp beauty sponge to blend in any lines left behind by combining too much into one area of skin or leaving patches out that need more coverage than others do. 
  • Finish off this step with some concealer under the eyes and powder all over the face (or just where needed). 
  • Fluff up lashes and brows before applying mascara followed by gel brow builder; finally, apply lip plumping gloss to give lips color while promoting fuller-looking lips.

Colorful Eyelashes

Runway shows across the world in 2021 are showcasing this new trend, and it’s predicted to be a hit. This fun fashion craze is about having some creative flair on your feet. Apart from runway shows, the most popular app Tiktok also owns this trend. And now we can be seen this fun fashion craze in one of the new makeup trends of 2022. 

Clementina Richardson, the founder of Envious Lashes and Celebrity Lash Expert, is responsible for this trend. This new lash extension service has received an overwhelmingly positive response from customers so far. She says that “The best advantage to having colored lashes is that they are designed to enhance your natural eye color.” The subtle pops of color produce a flirtier look too.

How To Apply Colorful Eyelashes

  • Well, it entirely depends on you and your budget that you buy colorful falsies, or you go to the DIY route and make your own. 
  • To do this one yourself, pick up some pigment sealant and a few colors of eyeshadow. 
  • Apply the sealer with a brush in light layers until it gets tacky for just an instant.
  • Then use that same brush to apply shadows over the top – sweep away any excess product using spoolie attached to end of said shadow blender.
  • If necessary, repeat step 4.

Fox Eye Makeup

The recent makeup trend in the beauty world is fox eye makeup. It emphasizes inner corners with eyeliner and eyeshadow, creating a sleek wing on the end that blurs out any harsh lines. Worn by celebrities like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner, this look has become its trend going beyond cat eyes or other winged faces popular in magazines before now.

The beauty of this look is that it can be changed depending on your preference. The winged eye makeup doesn’t have to mean a long, straight line down the eyelid. Instead, you get control over how thick or thin you want the wings and what color they are by experimenting with different products until finding one right for yourself.

How To Apply Fox Eye Makeup

  • This is a vegan makeup look for novices. To achieve this look most efficiently, prep your lids with some Concealer and Translucent Powder. 
  • Then go IN with a Vegan Velvet Eyeshadow in the shade Black Out. 
  • When you have a shape kind of like what you’re going for, take a makeup wipe or cotton swab with makeup remover on it and clean up the edges, then go back in with a bit of concealer and powder.
  • Do the rest of your makeup, and voila, an amazing girl with attractive eyes ready to go.

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1950’s Makeup Trend

In 2021, we saw a revival of 1960’s fashion trends. As we know from the past, fashion tends to go through cycles, and in 2022, these loud lips will be making another appearance! In addition to this trend, Fox eyes makeup or overstated eyeliner/ Eyeshadow are going strong. So you’ll need some stylish accessories for your hair too.

As we are living in the 21st century. So many of us don’t have a vast knowledge about the 1950’s makeup trend. So for your convenience, let’s know the basic 1950’s makeup look. The 1950s makeup look was elegant and glamorous with a natural touch. 

To achieve this, women used eyeliner to define their eyes, while mascara defined both lashes and brows. A single color of eye shadow drew attention away from bolder lipstick in red or pink tones, but it wasn’t by any means the star of the show. The final touches included barely-there rouge that added warmth to our faces instead.

How To Apply 1950’s Makeup Look

  • To make sure your skin looks even and flawless, apply foundation to all areas that need coverage on your face.
  • Conceal under your eyes and in the areas where you spot blemishes by using a shade that matches your skin tone.
  • To achieve a matte finish, apply setting powder over the skin very gently.
  • To make your eyeshadow last longer, prime your eyelids before applying them.
  • To get the most appealing 50s makeup look, try applying an off-white shade all over your lid. This will make your eyes stand out and create a gorgeous effect.
  • To contour your crease, be sure to use a medium shade of brown or cream. Line the lower lash with this same color for an extra special touch.
  • Press the eyeshadow onto the lid once more to intensify its off-white color. At the center of the cover, use a shimmer.
  • Use the same shimmer hue to highlight your brow bone. Use a liquid or gel liner to line your eyes with the gentle cat-eye flick, like in 50’s makeup. And then apply mascara to add an elegant look.
  • Apply a blusher on your cheeks to make them more attractive.
  • Instead of using a gel eyebrow mascara, powder or pencil, use an eyebrow brush to define your eyebrows. Instead of simply underlining the arch, focus on creating more depth by shading between them as well.
  • In the end, Create a sharp and defined lip line by lining your lips with a deep red lip pencil. Fill it in to create an even color that looks gorgeous once topped off with gloss for shine.

Muted Lips

The not-so-noticeable matte trend is making its way back into the world of makeup, and it’s taking over with a quiet roar. Those who were alive in the 90s will remember this look but perhaps can’t quite put their finger on what exactly they remember – that’s how different these looks are.

It doesn’t involve shimmery nude lips or flat mattes with dark lip liners; instead, think muted tints barely there to make an impression at all.

How To get Muted Lips

  • You can get muted lips by putting on some vegan lip conditioner and letting it soak in to moisturize your lips. 
  • Then, dab the finger onto a wand of Fearless Vegan Velvet Liquid Lipstick. Clean up any outside edges with more product, then add a little Glass Gloss Vitamin E flavor for that final touch.
  • Here you have to get your new attractive muted lips. 

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Final verdict

To make your upcoming new year pop, there are many makeup trends lined up to rock it. Make sure that the movement you choose will suit your personality rather than change who you are.

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