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Organic, natural, labels… Which statements for your cosmetics?

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What are the labels of organic cosmetics?

The beauty industry is becoming greener and more natural. Safer and natural ingredients are now replacing the chemicals used in production, thus caring for your skin and the environment.

Unfortunately, the segment is relatively new and still needs improvements. Most brands use “natural” and “organic” to attract customers without corresponding to the labeling.

To be more knowledgeable about natural and organic cosmetics and become a conscious consumer, let’s find out what the labels of organic cosmetics are.

What is organic cosmetics?

Clean beauty is the trending topic of 2021. Whether a marketing strategy or fundamental changes, organic cosmetics are the most sought-after beauty products.

The pitfall of the trend is that market is washed with fake organic and natural products that have nothing to do with clean beauty. So how not be cheated?

The term “organic” is not regulated but still is under the control of the FDA. As a general description, organic cosmetics comprise exceptionally natural ingredients without any chemical or synthetic detail.

Still, most times, the brands hide the consistency of a product to label and promote it as organic.

To be a 100% organic product, it should be certified by USDA and FDA and have the information about the certification on the label.

Organic, natural, labels
Organic, natural, labels

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What labels to look for on organic and natural cosmetics?

If you want to switch to organic and natural cosmetic products, search the following labels.

Siliconе Free. The ingredient is responsible for the smooth and silky texture of the product. The synthetic polymer, though, harms the skin, clogging pores and weighing down the hair. Silicones are not biodegradable, so the labeling “silicone-free” is the first one to search for.

Sulfate Free/SLS Free. Sulfates are detergents found in shampoos and body care that remove dirt, sebum, and other residues. The negative impact of sulfate is irritation and dryness for sensitive skin.

Palm Oil Free. Palm oil is not dangerous for the skin, yet the usage of the ingredient profoundly affects the environment. Read more about palm oil here.

Plastic-free. The label indicates that the cosmetic product is zero-waste and is not packed in plastic.

Paraben-free. Chemical preservatives are categorized as parabens that increase the shelf life of products. Organic products are mostly paraben-free with short shelf life.

Toxic-free. This label indicates that the cosmetic product is 100% natural and organic, and suitable for sensitive skin.

Mineral Oil Free. Though promoted as a lightweight, refined, and purified oil that is not harmful to skin, organic cosmetics reject the usage of ingredients because it blocks other active ingredients.

Fragrance-Free. The label indicates that the organic product does not contain fragrances and it is safe for hypoallergenic skin.

Phthalate Free. Phthalates are a family of chemical compounds acting as binding ingredients and used in packaging.

Allergy-Free. The label indicates that the product is safe for sensitive and allergy-prone skin.

Lanolin Free. Lanolin is generally safe for most skin types but can still be harmful to sensitive skin, people with dermatitis and eczema, or those prone to lanolin allergy.

Soy Free. The ingredient is widely used in decorative cosmetics. The label is vital for consumers who have a soy allergy.

PEG Free. Polyethylene glycol is a chemical compound originating from the petrochemical industry, making the cosmetic product more homogeneous. It is one of the most important labels to look for on the products. 

Talc Free. Talc has a mineral compound that makes the application of the product more comfortable and easy. Different tests now show that talc may have a dangerous impact on the skin up to causing cancer. It is safe to use talc-free products.

Paraffin Free. Derived from crude petroleum, the ingredients have some of the effects of mineral oil. Organic cosmetics are paraffin-free.

Estrogen Free. Cosmetics may contain steroidal and non-steroidal estrogens that increase the risk of breast cancer. 

Which statements for your cosmetics
Which statements for your cosmetics

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