Over the years, a lot of studies have been linked with green tea. Majority of the said studies indicate that green tea has properties that can facilitate successful skin toning. Health specialists argue that instead of breaching, skin toning should be considered. This is in regards to the implications that come as a result of skin bleaching. Among the very few agents of skin toning that have been medically approved is green tea.

Here are ways in which green tea facilitates healthy skin toning.

Eliminates Inflammation and bacteria

Naturally, green tea features high level of antioxidants. This is the element responsible for elimination of inflammation and harmful microorganisms including bacteria. Once applied on the skin, green tea reacts towards killing harmful bacterial and calming the nerves. This leads to better skin health and tone.

Regulates Production of Sebum

High production of sebum is a threat to skin health. When excess sebum is produced, the skin tends to turn oily. Continued production of the same may lead to blockage of pores. This will eventually affect the tone of the skin. Green tea works well in reducing production of sebum by shrinking the pores and regulating the glands. This in return facilitates natural toning of the skin.

Elimination of Acne and Dark Spots

According to more than 3 studies conducted differently, green tea was confirmed to trigger positive effects in regards to elimination of acne. It has the ability to control both mild and severe acne in a period of not more than 6 months. The ability to instigate curative effect on acne victims was linked to the ant-inflammatory, antioxidant, astringent, and antimicrobial properties of green tea. It is worthy noting that excessive production of sebum and accumulation of the same in the pores is the main cause of acne. Green tea is effective in regulating production of sebum.

Controls Symptoms of Aging

One of the confirmed reasons behind poor skin tone is aging. As one grows old, wrinkles tend to develop on the skin. As a result, there may be blockage of the facial skin pores. The end result is poor skin tone. Green tea helps in straightening the skin and eliminating wrinkles. It also helps in restoring melanin hence keeping the skin tone at par. The element behind this effect is Catechin. This is a class of antioxidants whose role is to control aging.

Green Tea For Skin Complexion


Perhaps you are there wondering how possible it is to change your skin complexion for the best. Most people experience change in skin complexion during and after puberty. There are others who experience the same issue due to other health related factors. If you wish to change your skin complexion, green tea could be of great help.

Here are some of the ways in which green tea aids in improving skin complexion:

Enhanced Skin Elasticity

Lack of ample elasticity of the skin has been directly linked with poor skin complexion. This comes as a result of continued dryness. There are cases where victims develop stretch marks as a result of poor skin elasticity. Green tea has components that are known to moisturize the skin hence giving room for ample elasticity.

Reduction of Inflammation

Continued skin irritation comes as a result of inflammation. When this happens, the tone and complexion of the skin gradually changes. There are cases where victims feel itchy or scratchy on the skin due to inflammation. The end results are blemishes and deteriorated complexion. The level of antioxidants in green tea is enough to reduce and completely eliminate inflammation. Consuming green tea will make your skin feel relaxed and healthier. With reduced inflammation, skin complexion automatically improves.


Continued accumulation of toxins in the body can manifest through the skin. The pores on the skin act as the doorway through which the toxins move out. Sometimes the said toxins hide underneath the skin hence eventually tampering with complexion. Science has confirmed that toxins affect the level of melanin greatly. Considering that melanin is skin pigment, deterioration of the same will lead to equal deterioration in complexion.

Balanced Hormonal Activity

Sometimes hormonal reaction in the skin may go overboard. It is worth noting that complexion is a matter of hormonal activity. Green tea has the capacity to bring hormonal reaction in the skin to normal. This aids in restoring and even improving skin complexion.

There are two major ways in which green tea can be applied on the skin for the purpose of improving complexion. First, you can use green tea mixed with water. This should be applied while cold though. The second method is wrapping steeped tealeaves with a teabag or just cheesecloth and then gently rubbing the same on the skin for at least 5 minutes. Both methods are equally effective.

Benefits of Green Tea For Weight Loss

Did you know that natural weight loss is the most recommended? Did you also know that a cup of green tea every day could help you shed those pounds? Yes! Studies indicate that one of the many benefits that come with green tea is weight loss. You might want to consider taking green tea as your sole way of reducing weight and still achieve remarkable results ultimately.


Green tea aids in weight loss in the following ways:

Speeds Up Fat Burning and Digestion Process

It goes without saying that fatty cells in the body are the key contributors of excessive weight gain. Burning the said cells, therefore, will lead to automatic weight loss. Green tea has the capacity to speed up the rate of fat burning and digestion. With high degree of caffeine, green tea is able to stimulate fat burning. Note that caffeine is a natural stimulant. In addition, it has been confirmed that green tea helps in reducing and eliminating bloating. This directly affects fat digestion positively.

Lowers Appetite

It is obvious that people with high appetite stand highest chances of gaining excess weight. Craving for food in such people tends to be high such that they can consume even junk materials. The end result is rapid weight increase. Green tea has been proven to aid in suppressing appetite. This translates into proportional reduction of weight.

Improves Energy During Workouts

There is no harm in taking green tea and engaging in workouts for the purpose of weight loss. Arguably, using both methods concurrently could speed up the rate at which you lose pounds. Scientific studies confirm that green tea has the ability to increase energy in the body. This implies that once you consume green tea, there will be the zeal to workout even more. This is attributed to the anti-inflammatory, vasoconstrictor, and anti-spasmodic properties of green tea.

Speeds Up Burning of Calories

It is in records that the more calories that you consume, the more weight you gain. In this regard, reduction of calories in the body would certainly lead to reduction in weight. Green tea is known to trigger positive effect in speeding up metabolism. Caffeine and Catechins are known to be the force behind improved metabolism after consumption of green tea. In addition to weight loss, green tea also works ideally in controlling diabetes.

Drinking Green Tea Benefits

The medicinal value of green tea cannot be disputed. Following deep research on the qualities of green tea, it has come out clear that there are numerous ailments and health conditions that can be treated with the same.

Some of the health benefits connected to consumption of green tea include:

Cholesterol Reduction

While cholesterol is good for the body, excess level of the same could be harmful for your health. The role of green tea in this case is to eliminate bad cholesterol in your body. Aside from that, green tea works towards maintaining a good balance between bad and good cholesterol. This helps in keeping your body off the ailments that are linked to high level of cholesterol.

Prevents Heart Diseases

According to scientific research, green tea tends to find refuge in the linings of blood vessels. This comes with a number of positive effects. First, it helps in regulating blood circulation. Green tea has an element known to strengthen blood vessels such that they can withstand changes in blood pressure. Secondly, green tea prevents fat deposit along the linings of blood vessels. Note that when there is fat deposit in blood vessels, there is the possibility of suffering hypertension.

Weight Loss

When green tea is consumed, an immediate effect on metabolism is created. The rate at which food is processed along the gut is improved. In addition, the rate at which fats and calories are burned is improved. This amounts to increase in general metabolism rate. This is a confirmation that regular consumption of green tea will gradually instigate weight loss. Additionally, green tea is known to increase energy in the body, hence suitable for those who workout for weight loss. It is actually a double advantage to consume green tea and go for workouts at the same time.

Controls Diabetes

Apparently, green tea is able to regulate the level of glucose in the body, particularly after eating. It is believed to slow the rise of sugar hence limiting high insulin spikes. It is therefore recommended that diabetic people should consider taking green tea particularly after consuming foods that have the capacity to increase blood sugar. Aside from regulating diabetes, green tea can protect you from developing the same ailment. Arguably, the elements of green tea have the capacity to improve immune system. This means that diabetes may be evaded through consumption of green tea regularly.

Prevention of Tooth Decay

Catechin, as contained in green tea, has been confirmed as one of the elements that help in strengthening the enamel and gums as well. The same antioxidant works ideally in killing bacteria and viruses that may attach to the teeth hence leading to decay. All dental conditions, including dental carries, can be controlled and prevented successfully through continued consumption of green tea.

Controls Depression

Green tea has high concentration of caffeine and Theanine. The two have been scientifically proven to be stimulants. Arguably, caffeine and Theanine have the tranquilizing and stimulating power when consumed frequently. This implies that those with the habit of consuming green tea stand low chances of suffering depression.

Green Tea For Skin Glow

Green tea remains one of the best natural ways in which you can improve the health of your skin. The level of antioxidants featured in green tea is more than enough to render your skin healthier. If you wish to make your skin glow, here are several ways in which green tea can be used in achieving the same:

Green Tea and Honey Paste

If you have the habit of using normal tea, it is now time to switch gears and go for green tea. Instead of dipping a teabag of green tea into water, it is advised that you cut it open and pour the content into a mug. When mixed with a little honey, green tea becomes even healthier for your skin. Stir the mixture until you achieve a smooth paste. Before applying the paste, make sure that your face is very clean. Allow the paste to rest on your face for 15 minutes and then rinse it off.

Splashing Green Tea On The Face

It is simple! Boil green tea for 10 minutes and allow it to cool. At the sink, pour some green tea on your palm and splash it on your face. Repeat this until the green tea is exhausted. Allow the wetness on your face to last for 10 minutes before you rinse.

Facial Steaming Using Green Tea

You will have to create a very concentrated solution of green tea and water and allow it to boil completely. Pour the steaming hot solution into a round-rimmed bowl. Allow your face to rest on top of the bowl such that the entire rim covers the facial skin. Remain in that position for at least 5 minutes. While this may be quite uncomfortable, the results are guaranteed. The vapor diffuses through the pores hence improving overall skin health.

Green Tea Bath

Perhaps you wish to make your entire body skin glow. In that case, you will just have to pour green tea into your bath water. You can then bathe your body just the way you are used to. It is advised that you use hot water to allow green tea release the key elements of skin health. Repeat this for a week or even more for notable changes on your skin to be seen.

Benefits of Green Tea For Acne

One of the skin conditions known to be controlled effectively using green tea is acne. There are several ways in which green tea achieves this. Among the confirmed benefits of green tea for acne include:

Blood Sugar Control

Did you know that high level of blood sugar has an adverse effect on the skin? From different studies, it has been revealed that one of the causes of severe acne is imbalance in blood sugar. Fortunately, green tea can be of help in regulating blood sugar. This implies that consumption of green tea could be of help in mitigating acne.

Skin Moisturizing

Green tea instigates an effect on the skin that keeps the tissue relaxed and moisturized. Note that it is due to lack of ample moisture then acne may come as a result. Majority of those with dry skin tend to develop pimples since the pores are unable to let waste out. With moisturized skin, chances of suffering acne are reduced remarkably.

Regulates Production of Sebum

While sebum is important for the skin, excessive production of the same may adversely affect your skin health. When sebum accumulates under the skin pores, the result is acne. Prolonged accumulation of sebum may lead to an even severe acne condition. Green tea can be used in regulating the production of sebum. Arguably, there are elements that exit in green tea that have a positive effect in sebum regulation.

Hormonal Control

The effects of hormonal imbalance on the skin usually reflect during puberty. Most young men and women fall victim of acne due to hormonal fluctuation. Increase in the activity of sexual hormones leads to a lapse in the form of acne. Green tea features globules known to bind sexual hormones particularly during puberty. The role of globules is to limit the activity of bioactive hormones. Lower levels of bioactive hormones lead to better health for your skin. In this regard, consuming green tea could be good for those suffering acne as a result of hormonal imbalance.


From all indications, green tea has massive health benefits for the consumer. It is therefore a great idea to consider using green tea in any form as a way of improving your overall health. Results are guaranteed.

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